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Date File Revision Author Revision Log
2019-11-21 02:59:17 3763 3763 dsb Oops, T2 does "Repeated message. <5x>", not "Repeated message. (x5)".
2019-11-21 02:39:45 3762 3762 dsb Pull the text of the repeated message out of .last_msg if it's no longer in
2019-11-21 02:30:17 3761 3761 dsb Bump engine version to 1.6.1.
2019-10-30 02:27:29 3747 3747 dsb All the stupid typoes and omissions I should have checked for before
checking in the preceding.
2019-10-27 02:37:09 3746 3746 dsb Implement lore parchments.
2019-10-26 23:24:58 3745 3745 dsb Implement "Map of <town>" parchments.
2019-10-26 22:46:38 3744 3744 dsb core.fov.calc_circle()'s callbacks take three arguments, not two.
2019-10-25 04:11:57 3740 3740 dsb Harden this up a bit and check it in so we we can pull it out as an
external in ^/addons: a utility script for comparing corresponding files
or directories from different versions. Can check forward or backward
depending on presence of /tmp/tome-prev-foo vs. /tmp/tome-new-foo unpacked
2019-10-25 03:24:47 3739 3739 dsb Well, that was just stupid...
2019-10-25 03:13:37 3738 3738 dsb Apply --prev and --beta to --orc, --ashes, --cults and --possess.
2019-10-25 01:23:22 3737 3737 dsb Go ahead and bump the engine version to 1.6.0 for future testing.
2019-10-10 02:09:57 3729 3729 dsb Need -q's on those egreps.
2019-10-09 23:59:36 3728 3728 dsb - Small tweaks for varying beta directory naming schemes.
- On the other hand, why are we going to all that effort to find a beta
candidate directory when one is already specified?
2019-10-01 23:27:19 3721 3721 dsb Right, Perl, double colon...
2019-09-29 22:12:32 3716 3716 dsb [I keep accidentally checking in too much at once.
- Instead of hard-coding current/previous/beta versions, use the T4
library to scrape them out of the current version list.
- Also unzip possessors DLC from the beta version if --beta and --possess
are both set. Might expand that to other DLCs later.
- Try to use the proximate t-engine binary if we're obviously in an
addons or T2 working copy.
- Failing that, scrape the current version from the Perl T4 lib and check
for -src-, -linux64- and -linux- directories to run from.
2019-09-19 01:25:29 3678 3678 dsb - Prune leftover inscription and config{} fields in :cloneRulesOutgoing().
- :ruleChanged() needs to check inscription and config{} fields for
corresponding rule actions.
- Update working_rules{} after saving rules to reflect their now
effectively unchanged status.
- Make :revertRule() work with new rules (dunno if it can actually reach
that point in that case...).
- Places where the rule is changed in place need to call
:updateRevertButton() and :updateRules(true).
2019-09-18 02:28:35 3677 3677 dsb Consolidate identical automatizer dialog methods into new utility method
2019-09-18 02:20:36 3676 3676 dsb Urgh, spectacularly sloppy:
- Update rule config and inscription when we change the corresponding
UI bits.
- Update selected action and card UI bits when we select a rule.
- Clean up any leftover inscription or config{} fields on the way out.
2019-09-18 02:14:34 3675 3675 dsb - Have to write the config{} subtable to the files, idiot...
- I swear, I wish Lua would catch the self.method() vs. self:method() typo.
2019-09-18 00:39:22 3674 3674 dsb Make sure the save directory exists before trying to write the automatizer
file into it.