Name Revision Size Age Last Change
class 3763 3 weeks dsb: Oops, T2 does "Repeated message. <5x>", not "Repeated message. (x5)".
data 3747 1 month dsb: All the stupid typoes and omissions I should have checked for before checking in the preceding.
dev-notes 3555 11 months dsb: Allow targeting and spell effects over dark pits.
dialogs 3747 1 month dsb: All the stupid typoes and omissions I should have checked for before checking in the preceding. 2865 6.37K 3 years dsb: - Actually load alchemy recipes. - Fix alchemy recipes so they actually load, mostly by decollidi... 2081 1.62K 4 years dsb: Implement refilling lanterns with oil. 2980 19.1K 2 years dsb: Small typo. 2763 3.95K 3 years dsb: Tweaks to the table returned by ObjName::object_names(): - Add SHROOM_ prefix to mushroom defin... 871 1.2K 6 years dsb: - Merge UN_BONUS melee damage type into DISENCHANT, since it does basically the same thing. - I... 3548 3.17K 11 months dsb: Bump the copyright in the generated files header for 2019. Generated files themselves will get t... 3320 11.34K 2 years dsb: Aaand the Maeglin quest defines its level entry point in the quest code instead of on the map lik... 3180 1.13K 2 years dsb: Check in this utility script so I don't lose it again. 866 3.86K 6 years dsb: Aaaand here we go, boys and girls: a new graphics mode based on Adam Bolt's Angband tiles. This... 2981 9.79K 2 years dsb: 8-O, seriously, what on *earth* was I thinking? 2944 8.19K 2 years dsb: Clean up artifact definitions, removing some stray fields that were mucking up artifact names. 2770 6.71K 3 years dsb: Clumsy consolidate of reused activation code from various objects, egos and artifacts, for eventu... 3161 6.35K 2 years dsb: Merged from 0.2.7 release branch: - Grid effect for Player:terrainEffects() needs to be 'EFF_ON... 3321 24.29K 2 years dsb: Aaand Snaga sappers are ZAngband monsters. :-/ Special-case NPC generation to allow them through... 1799 10.78K 4 years dsb: - Was parsing attack modifiers wrong, so I missed some. - Was also applying them wrong. 2943 19.52K 2 years dsb: - Why were we including combat{} info for shields? - Minor comment ordering change in a couple ob... 3606 18.12K 6 months dsb: Don't label the Neuter height/weight mods "Male", genius... :-} 1729 1,000 4 years dsb: Utility script for extracting the powers table out of src/tables.c and converting it to roughly t... 1979 6.84K 4 years dsb: A couple randart powers in ra_info.txt were missing W: lines; default the corresponding fields to... 2860 9.93K 3 years dsb: Just enough errors and typos fixed to be able to actually start the game with an Alchemist charac... 2379 11.07K 4 years dsb: Aaand all of the changes from release 0.2.2 merged back onto trunk. 3052 10.93K 2 years dsb: Rearrange store owner data a bit so that their liked/hated races can be used for other building a... 2510 2.39K 3 years dsb: Turns out we need trap indexes in a couple places. 2453 2.17K 3 years dsb: *sigh* loadfile() doesn't actually execute the loaded file, genius... Do some hackery to define a... 3267 10.63K 2 years dsb: Grid image paths are relative to the Tiles image directory, genius... 3662 25.5K 3 months dsb: - Implement zone effects. - Extract "ambient damage" zone effects into new generated timed effect... 3729 1.13K 2 months dsb: Need -q's on those egreps.
init.lua 3761 3.8K 3 weeks dsb: Bump engine version to 1.6.1.
load.lua 3747 8.97K 1 month dsb: All the stupid typoes and omissions I should have checked for before checking in the preceding.
obj-util.lua 3747 30.71K 1 month dsb: All the stupid typoes and omissions I should have checked for before checking in the preceding.
resolvers.lua 3164 34.64K 2 years dsb: Merged from 0.2.7 release branch: - Restore radius-2 "light" on map. - Fix NPC tooltip descri...
spell-util.lua 3744 106.88K 1 month dsb: core.fov.calc_circle()'s callbacks take three arguments, not two.
store-util.lua 3420 10.72K 1 year dsb: Oh, right, obj_util.recharge() needs a coroutine context.
trap-util.lua 3564 17.78K 11 months dsb: - Be more consistent about flagging src for the POISON and CUT effects. - Tweaks to obj_util.redu...
ui-util.lua 3677 10.19K 3 months dsb: Consolidate identical automatizer dialog methods into new utility method ui_util.selDropdownByFie... 3739 4.16K 2 months dsb: Well, that was just stupid...
util.lua 3667 41.89K 3 months dsb: I really with Lua caught typos like this... 3740 663 2 months dsb: Harden this up a bit and check it in so we we can pull it out as an external in ^/addons: a util... 3356 880 2 years dsb: Merged from 0.3.0 release branch: - Bump engine version to 1.5.8. - New Perl script to packag...